Royce Anderson
PO Box 411
Wellington, NV 89444

Flying the Skies of Nevada-Utah-Idaho

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  About Us

Horsefly Aviation is owned and operated by Royce Anderson, a pilot with over 30 years experience and a self proclaimed "aviation nut".   I am very fortunate to live the dream of back country aviation everyday.

Royce is also a accomplished veteran cowboy mounted shooter, with 14 years of competition and several world champion cowboy titles to his credit in Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association (CMSA), Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), and Mounted Shooters of America (MSA).

I am as passionate about horses, guns and the American west as I am about aviation.  The combination of these two passions is what led to the name Horsefly Ranch which then evolved into Horsefly Aviation.





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